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OCTOBER 4, 2014

I don’t know what to think now. I used to be worried about that damn ticket that Mrs. Hughes found in his pocket, but now I’m wondering if that was part of his alibi to say where he was.  And that’s why Bates was worried about the jacket being thrown out.  

These types of articles always try to make it sound like the absolute worst is coming. Of course the general media and the casual DA viewer is going to suspect Bates. At the end of S4 it was shoved down our throats that he had killed Green. The ticket, his silence on his whereabouts, his menacing words to Mrs. Hughes after he found out what happened to Anna… Honestly it all felt far too contrived to me. So I’m still thinking that if it’s really going to be a “jaw dropping shock” as the outcome is supposed to be it cannot be Bates. I’m not (too) worried. (OK a bit, as this is Fellowes and right now he kind of sucks, but I’m still not that concerned about the Bateses future.)

Been wrong so far, but if it’s a woman, how about we say Mabel a Lane Fox came forward because she wants Tony locked up as payback for dumping her.

And what if the man Green was talking to in the street was Tony and tempers were flaring because Tony just sacked him?

Can’t figure out this quarrel at Dowton…unless Green is referring to his raping Anna that way.


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Anonymous said: Your love for Anna and Bates is clear, so I am wondering when you feel like their story (per Fellowes) went off the tracks? Was is S4 or before? I felt like I could handle the prison story line, but I always thought they would have had children soon after Bates' prison release (or they would have dealt with infertility). I pretty much can no longer acknowledge that S4 happened.


Well, I think Fellowes lost a lot of touch writing wise in S3. The prison storyline was dragged for way too many episodes, anyone can acknowledge that (let’s hope he doesn’t do the same with this investigation thing). We know he had three series planned, and really, the way series 3 ended would have been perfect. Everyone was happy - Mary & Matthew had an heir, Anna & Bates were happy and together. Who knows, if Downton ended then perhaps we would have seen Matthew alive and a baby Bates on the way. But they decided to go on with the show and that gave us S4 - which IMO is the weakest so far, not only because of Anna’s sad, poor storyline, but also because the characters seem confused and inconsistent all the time now. Maybe it’ll get better - and that’s what I hope for.

Great points. It’s a known fact that shows tend to peak in terms of quality and viewership in the 3rd season and then after that it is typically downhill.

I’ve seen this happen time and time again with some of my favorite shows (most recently House). After 4 seasons, it’s hard to come up with original storylines and plots start being recycled, unless you have got one of those rare geniuses running the show who still has creative juice left and doesn’t have arrogance.


This season is stressing me out something fierce. Part of me wishes I had waited until January when PBS ships me out S5 on Blu-ray so I could just binge it all in one setting; just get it over with.

But then the more rational part of myself reminds me that if I attempted to wait, I’d be dead by January from spontaneous combustion due to the anxiety and tumblr deprivation. So I guess, I’ll take it week by week, like we all are :)

Dude I totally hear you.

I realize I enjoyed Downton (and Call the Midwife) so much more when I first started watching - initially catching up on the first 2 seasons then watching live midway through the season that had been airing at the time.

I find myself not enjoying it as much by reading spoilers and reading about what happened and all the (justified) criticisms on the plot and writing in the episode prior to downloading and actually watching it. And when I do download it, half the time I fast forward to find A/B scenes or watch the preview and then find I have Little interest in the other storylines going on.

If only I had self control to avoid spoilers….


I think my whole problem with this scene is that rather than give Anna a scene that deals with her issues, instead Fellowes has it be about women’s rights in general. Don’t get me wrong - I agree with her and it was definitely the old Anna there, and I do love her sass…


annamays said: I think she’s back to being the foolish girl who met Pamuk in S1… and that wasn’t exactly smart, it’s a shame

I quite agree.

She seems so naïve, acting like a teenager. You’d think that after last time she would be more cautious, but evidently not. It’s rather sad to see.

It’s also sad how Mary acts all “holier than thou” in the way she treats Edith so poorly, when Mary can be just as foolish and naive as Edith, except that, unlike Edith, Mary fails to recognize it and thinks she is invincible.


I know it’s only two episodes in and I probably shouldn’t jump the gun, but I’m so bitter and deflated right now it’s hard to get past that.

(Oh, there was a huge life-altering thing that happened to a happily married couple whose relationship is getting no space but as long as Mary’s having sex then it’s all fine)

No truer words were ever spoken.


Rant time! :D

The new episode was way too disappointing. On the A/B point of view, Anna had some light scenes - which were great, really - but they also held a heaviness that we wouldn’t have seen in previous seasons. Anna is worried about Mary having sex with Tony, and she’s still recovering from a sexual assault and she has no children and we can’t know how her own marital relationship with Bates is (my guess, unfortunately, is that she’s trying for his sake, because she feels that it’s her duty as a wife, but it’s clear she isn’t happy). And she lied to her husband to protect Mary, but Anna is a terrible liar - and Bates knows it.

From what we’ve seen so far, Anna hasn’t recovered her light yet, and there has been nothing pointing to her healing yet. It’s clear she still loves her husband and he loves her, but it’s sad to see them like this. I know many people in the fandom love Anna and don’t like Bates, but the truth is that Anna’s character grew with Bates’ - it did not grow from talks with Mary and Mrs Hughes, unfortunately, and we haven’t seen that side this series yet. We need A/B scenes, actual scenes, to see some character growth.

This is only episode 2, of course, so maybe it’ll get better, but then we have that police investigation - which makes me wonder if Bates is the witness and the cards will be turned. We know we’ll see them talking about the future in episode 3, and hopefully there will be more than that - and hopefully Anna’s recovery won’t still be a murder investigation. :(

Brilliant thinking, Juliana, and what a great plot twist it would be to have Bates be the witness.  I could see this actually being the secret Bates is keeping that leads to a “grave misunderstanding.”  Bates likely doesn’t want Anna (or anyone to know) that he’s gone to the police because that would mean admitting he knew Green was her attacker.  Bates’ keeping it secret and the police coming by, Anna must jump to the conclusion that Bates is being targeted as a suspect.  When in reality, 

Bates seems to be wary of Gillingham, questioning his acceptance of another man’s child and looking suspicious of his talk re: Green in episode 1.  Perhaps since it seems things are progressing between him and Lady Mary, he goes to the police to report having seen Gillingham involved in the death because he knows Gillingham isn’t the charming fellow Mary thinks he is.  I can see him keeping this secret, probably so he doesn’t risk ruffling feathers up and downstairs or Anna’s attack becoming public.  Along with Anna keeping her attacker’s identity secret from Bates, all this secrecy would certainly lead to misunderstanding between the two.

Hopefully this doesn’t drag on for too long and our darlings start looking forward to a baby Bates and a little hotel by the seaside.




I wonder if we will ever get to see Anna and Bates talking about something that is not Mary’s love life.

#i wonder if fellowes remembers they have so much to fucking talk about

It’s like the Bechdel Test, but with Mary Crawley as the catalyst.

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